Thursday, October 9, 2008

Viva Andrada - Author of “Survival - Your Guide to Life”, Volunteer at Hands On Manila, and Co-owner of Fashion Art (F*ART)

Author: Jay-R
Category: Mentors, Social Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Women leaders

Viva Andrada, writer and entrepreneur, released her first book “ Light of Dawn” at the age of 17 through the help and encouragement of her former Humanities professor. And with the support of her family and friends, Viva has gone on to pursue a career in the media, starting as a staff writer for MOD magazine and eventually becoming editor of MOD Girl.

Half a decade later, she founded Fashion ART or F*ART with her sister, Happy, in pursuit of their passion for fashion while at the same time uplifting the cause of Filipino fashion designers, artists and musicians by selling their products in their store. The F*ART establishment, a striking two-story building that sticks out like a sore thumb in Kamuning’s drab (as described by Cheekie Albay of, also serves as an art gallery and venue for poets and musicians to showcase their talents.

In December 2007, Viva released “Survival: Your Guide to Life”, a compilation of stories from more than 150 “life guides”—various individuals from all walks and fields of life.

In this Greater Good Philippines interview, Viva walks us through the different facets and stages of her career, from media practitioner to entrepreneur. She also recites a few poems from “Survival” and talks about the importance of social entrepreneurship.

“It’s important because you make the most of life by giving,” she says. “If all you do is receive, it’s not balanced and life would be less fulfilling.”

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